gain an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic of spiritual fulfillmen

measures, and thus better able to understand the functionality of sporting equipment and the difference. Difference between basketball shoes, hiking shoes and casual shoes leisure shoes and basketball shoes, you look at the difference between the soles generally has good antiskid performance basketball shoes, and most of the sole ground contact. There are basketball shoe laces, many, soles are thicker. Hiking boots are designed and manufactured specifically for climbing and travel shoes, ideal for outdoor sports. Water  vibram five fingers resistance is the primary function of the modern hiking shoes, hiking boots waterproof and breathability are unmatched by of sneakers. Hiking shoes in China, 80Years later, dressed in sports shoes has become a popular fashion and military boots have joined in. Sneakers are called "Sneakers" become traveler choice objects, boots of choice for those

 fond of outdoor survival and outdoor sports products. In fact, both the sneaker (mostly jogging shoes or tennis shoes) and boots are not very suitable for outdoor sports, has been popular from the beginning of the last century Europe specifically designed and manufactured for climbing and travel professional climbing shoes. Leisure is pursing a State of existence, a way of life, is a special expression in modern culture in modern nike blazer mid life. Leisure in contemporary life often becomes a fashion symbol, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, outdoor sports, camping, fitness, travel, shopping, and so on. Concept, connotation and functions of casual shoes and the new ideals and way of life are closely related. People with casual shoes style, brand and content to modify themselves, reveal themselves, gain an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic of spiritual fulfillment. From the point

 of view of use, casual shoes and has two basic functions: practical use and appreciation of, the lack of which would seriously affect the use of casual shoes, practical function is a prerequisite for casual shoes, aesthetic and symbolic functions is an important extension of casual shoes feature. At the same time, outdoor shoes, hiking shoes, hiking shoes are piling up as more and more people began to love outdoor sports, casual chic outdoor sports as performance. Casual shoes and sports shoes sizes how to convert shoe size is a measure of our human foot length and width of a standard unit, but because race relations body, measured by different standards, adopted by the worldShoe sizes are inconsistent, but generally include the length and width of the two measurements, and, even within the same national borders or regions, and shoes for different purposes in different

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